Monday, August 29, 2005

The funeral and burial is over.

Khun Pranard, Khun Suthep's loyal driver at TISCO, says a prayer.

Khun Karantarat and Khun Rumpa pay their last respects.

Khun Rochana puts a rose on the tomb.

Khun Pornsri puts flowers and earth on the coffin.

TISCO Foundation wreath.

Khun Srisooda and others line up to pay their last respects.

Khun Thamnoon pays last respects.

Nong Lek, Nong Nuun, and Khun Nalin place flowers and earth on Suthep's coffin.

The Preacher asks the coffin be lowered.

The cemetary in Nakorn Pathom.

Khun Suthep's bier is carried to its final resting place.

Khun Thanom buys a whole lot of tickets ending in 54 and 55 which were Khun Suthep's approximate age.

Khun Thanom keeps Khun Suthep's memory alive by buying lotteries, just the way Khun Suthep used to do.

The coffin is bedecked with floral wreaths.

Loyal Funding , Money Market and TISCO colleagues: Khun Thanom, Khun Rachada, Khun Wannee, Khun Karantarat, and Khun Suthas.

Boss and friend: Sivaporn Dardarananda.

Loyal subordinate and colleague : Khun Akarat Na Ranong.

Khun Suthep's family.

Members of TISCO Foundation pose in front of the bier.

Khun Suthep's photo is held by Nong Lek, Nong Nuun and Khun Narin.

Khun Suthep's family and relatives.

The Preacher sings a song of salvation.

Khun Pattira, Khun Rumpa and Khun Pavilai pray intensely.

Khun Thamnoon and the Preacher hold services.

Khun Suthas, Khun Thanom and Khun Akarat.

Memorial recitations.

The Preacher.

Khun Thamnoon, Nong Lek, Khun Narin and Nong Nuun.

Nong Lek(Thana), Nong Nuun (Mananya) and Khun Narin.

Khun Akarat, Khun Karantarat and Khun Wannee discuss a moment in time.

Khun Karantarat, Khun Rachada, and Khun Thamnoon.

Khun Rumpa, of TISCO Securities, arrives.

Khun Thamnoon, Suthep's twin brother, makes a last minute call.

Khun Suthas and Khun Thanom are tearful at the occasion.

Khun Narin and Khun Thamnoon in the background.

Khun Srisooda, Duangrat, Karantarat,Pui, Prnsri, and Arunee prepare flowers for the burial.

Khun Sudpirom, Khun Pavilai, and Khun Rochana prepare booklets for prayers and songs.

Khun Suthep's coffin is placed in the sala for final prayers.

Khun Thanom of TISCO escorts the coffin.

Khun Akarat, Suthep's longtime subordinate and close friend, arrives to receive the coffin.

Khun Vannee, Khun Srisooda and others receive the coffin.

Khun Vannee receives the coffin as it is brought to Nakorn Pathom cemetary on Aug. 29.

Religious services are held for Khun Suthep at the Sadudee Church at Sukhumvit 101/2 on Aug. 25-27, 2005.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Khun Suthep Has Passed Away

After a long fight with the disease, Khun Suthep quietly passed to the Great Beyong at 5:30 AM this morning. All his friend with miss his the company of his pleasant personality, his liveliness and his jokes. He was a friend to all. Rest in Peace!

Suthep (Oct. 15, 1951 - Aug.26, 2005)